About Us

The CG Labs Team has a combined knowledge and experience of well over 25 years in DNA research, education, and forensics. » Read about Our Team «

We are considered experts in DNA degradation and much of our experience is in recovery of ancient DNA from samples hundreds to thousands of years old. This gives us a very intimate and thorough knowledge of the degradation and decay mechanisms as well as how to manipulate and halt them.

We are passionate about our field and realize the importance DNA holds for all individuals both now and in the future. We have extensive contacts within academia, forensics and research so we can locate the right expert if a project requires additional expertise outside of what we can offer in-house.

The McKellar LifeCentre

Our Passion… Our Life

A vision and a desire to make a difference were at the roots of CG Labs’ inception. Every day we continue to make that difference in exploring new boundaries, extracting and building DNA samples, and connecting people all over the world.

CG Labs Inc. is at the forefront of the science of DNA recovery. As a company, we continue to build and strengthen our expertise in the biotechnology industry with a strong commitment to advancing scientific insight through the successful recovery of DNA from older and more complex samples, previously thought non viable. We also offer training and investigation of mysteries, cold cases, invasive species and unexplained phenomena.

We have created a work culture that is exciting, fast-paced, and based in a dynamic setting. Our employees are united by a sense of camaraderie, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Headquartered in Thunder Bay on the shoreline of Lake Superior, in the North-Western part of Ontario, we are fortunate to be based in a region where natural beauty abounds and residents experience a high quality of work-life balance.