DNA Research

At CG Labs research and innovation is at our heart. It drives our business in developing new products, services and techniques. We have several projects currently in progress. CG Labs has 2 new DNA products in development that should be market ready by spring of 2018.

DNA Testing

CG Labs offers a suite of in house testing options. We are experts in highly degraded, fragmented, and problematic DNA. Our experience is in ancient DNA retrieval from hundreds to thousands of year old samples. We are considered the premier lab for post mortem DNA retrieval and processing.

DNA Memorial

DNA Memorial is offered as a DNA Banking service through funeral homes and hospitals for the deceased. Cremation destroys all DNA and internment also damages the DNA. This service is the last opportunity for families to preserve their genetic history and family medical history. Offered along with the DNA Banking service is a range of custom keepsakes through an artist, which helps families comfort level with the complex idea of DNA Banking during an extremely emotional time.