Our Science : The Forefront of DNA Preservation & Recovery

We at CG Labs Corporation offer a wide array of services and are also dedicated to learning and teaching. We offer training and consultation in the extraction and preservation of DNA especially in low copy highly degraded samples. We have many contacts in academia and would be glad to point you in the right direction if we cannot help. We also are involved in solving unknown cold cases. We consult with individuals and organizations on many problems where DNA can be used to help identify a solution.

DNA Banking

CG Labs’ highly skilled personnel make DNA storage and extraction their specialty. Our experience in ancient DNA and understanding of DNA damage and repair mechanisms gives us an edge in long term viable storage.

CG Labs services the North American funeral sector as their main clients for genetic storage.

We can collect and store a person’s DNA at any age but elderly or terminally ill people should have it done as soon as possible if that is their wish. It will be a very meaningful gift to leave behind.