Our Science : The Forefront of DNA Preservation & Recovery

We at CG Labs Corporation offer a wide array of services and are also dedicated to learning and teaching. We offer training and consultation in the extraction and preservation of DNA especially in low copy highly degraded samples. We have many contacts in academia and would be glad to point you in the right direction if we cannot help. We also are involved in solving unknown cold cases. We consult with individuals and organizations on many problems where DNA can be used to help identify a solution.

An example of thinking outside the box and using DNA to solve problems was using Escherichia coli DNA typing to identify point source contamination of municipal water supplies. E. coli is specific to the species of animals so animals that were contributing to the water contamination were identified.


Our consulting services for projects can vary from individuals that find unknown material to governments looking to set up DNA databases. We generally don’t charge for questions, but examinations of material or in-depth investigations require a consulting fee at an hourly rate.

Contact us if you require an expert DNA opinion or services for :

  • Government agency or institution looking to set up a DNA Banking program
  • Identification of unknown biological material which can include fieldwork and collection
  • Best practices to preserve DNA and tissues for storage and shipment
  • Ethical guidelines training on the use and storage of individuals DNA
  • Invasive species identification and investigation
  • Archeological material
  • Ancient DNA from plant or animal
  • Forensic case review
  • Zoo or agribusiness to learn how we can use DNA to improve security and animal welfare
  • Breeders and Societies to help set up DNA preservation programs for research and conservation
  • Disease Foundations to set up DNA preservation and testing programs for medical research
  • Native Land Claim consulting using plant genetics such as wild rice. There is evidence of dispersion and cultivation of unique or similar species which supports traditional use in areas that are in dispute.
  • A film or T.V. project
  • Funeral Industry
  • Have a mystery or cold case


We offer laboratory-based training designed to teach the fundamentals of molecular techniques including DNA extraction, amplification (using PCR), sequencing, and interpretation. Our focus is on highly degraded DNA.

We teach uncommon techniques to overcome inhibition and degradation. We can also teach you to extract DNA from hair as small as 1/2 centimeter. We offer three-day sessions at your lab or institution or offer week-long training courses once a year. Occasionally we offer field courses on specific projects. Email info@cglabscorp.com for more information.

We also offer Educational Seminars for

  • New Technologies and Techniques in DNA Analysis (Y-STRs, MiniSTRs, Mitochondrial DNA and animal DNA)
  • Understanding and Interpreting DNA Reports
  • Types of DNA Analysis – Historical and Modern Methods
  • Biological Evidence Collection for Law enforcement officers and investigators
  • Mass disaster DNA identification methods and resources

DNA Banking

CG Labs’ highly skilled personnel make DNA storage and extraction their specialty. Our experience in ancient DNA and understanding of DNA damage and repair mechanisms gives us an edge in long term viable storage.

CG Labs services the North American funeral sector as their main clients for genetic storage.

We can collect and store a person’s DNA at any age but elderly or terminally ill people should have it done as soon as possible if that is their wish. It will be a very meaningful gift to leave behind.